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This was solely created for easy access to Papillon Breedables information. Anjile (if you have display names enabled, I’m also Creepie Treat)  is just a regular papi-breeder like yourselves and does not claim to own any of this information or be a super breeder of any sort. This was strictly done for fun and because I got tired of all the notecards. This is not a complete guide to the breedables themselves, and as such is constantly updated AS information is released. I update pet mutations as I see them in-world or if they are confirmed by Butterfly Bellflower to avoid confusion. If any information on this website is incorrect or missing, please drop LadyAnjile Tsunenaga an IM, email me: la.tsunenaga@gmail.com, message me on PLURKhttps://www.plurk.com/LadyAnjileor leave a comment on the FEEDBACK PAGE and I will correct it as soon as possible. You can also message my sister, Rileigh (Sweetie Treat) and she will either be able to assist you or alert me of any needed updates. Questions, comments, and concerns about the breedables themselves should be directed to the creator of Papillion Breedables, Butterfly Bellflower.

Important information so you don’t lose your items or pets: CAUTION!


Complete lists of Papillon Breedable Classes, Types, Effects, & Wing Mutations: ButterflyFireflyDragonflyWisp, Plants, Trees, Fruits, & Veggies, LadyBugs, Fey (Fairytales), Moon Pools & Whats

Other Important Information: About the Wisps,  About the Breedable Plants, About the Fey

Breeding Information: Part 1, Part 2

For Visuals & Charts: Papillion Charts

How to use the HUDS & Menus: Papillon HUDs, Papillon Menus

Updating your Papillon Breedables

How to plant your Breedable Plants

How to unlock certain mutations

A complete list of Seasonal Mutations & Gift Server Limiteds

Complete lists of Papillon Accessories:  Boosters & Helpers (New/Updated Accessories), Older Accessories- Page 1 & Page 2, Quick Explanation , Elixirs & 1-Click Boosters

That does what?! – The Papillon Breedable Class & Accessory Comparison 

I hope you enjoy this guide and your pets!

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